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Our FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions & Our Answers to Them

How much does a quarter beef cost?

The short answer: it varies. Our beef prices vary according to market pricing. Currently, we charge $4.75/pound hanging weight - which means the whole and intact quarter as it hangs on the rail before it's cut up. The average hanging weight for a quarter of one of our steers is anywhere from 200-240 pounds; even that varies from time to time. Your base price will be:

 $4.75/pound x the hanging weight of your quarter or approximately $950-$1100.

Other costs incurred would be if you choose to vacuum seal your beef, if you want anything smoked, or if you choose to have hamburger patties or brats made.

Is the beef grass fed?

No, none of our meat is strictly grass-fed. Our feeder steers have free choice access to top-quality hay or grass from the moment their hooves hit the earth until their processing day. We also mix our own feed that they are fed from 700 pounds to finish. This mix is made up of ground corn, rolled and roasted soybeans, and a 37% protein pellet that contains all the vitamins and minerals they need to stay healthy. 
We grain-finish our steers to provide the flavor and marbling in our steaks that our customers love!

How does the meat come?

All of our meat will come to you frozen and in a single package with a clear vacuum seal. Many of our items come in one-pound packages, or in enough for an average dinner (ribs, brats, etc.).

How can I shop?

You can shop with us in a number of easy and convenient ways! You can browse our products page here on our website and submit an order on the contact page. We will invoice you once your order is ready and schedule a delivery or pick-up.

You can shop the same way on our Facebook page or on the Twin Ports REKO Ring Facebook page. Submit order, pay the invoice, and schedule a delivery or pick-up.

You can also visit us at the Two Harbors Farmers Market from May to October. 

Where does the meat come from?

Right from our farm! We have grown and expanded in the last year to raise beef and pork full-time. We raise chicken and turkey throughout the summer and lamb sporadically throughout the year. We also have a flock of laying hens that provide some beautiful rainbow eggs you can purchase at farmers' markets or on the Twin Ports REKO Ring page!

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