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Getting to Know the Greenfields

I'd say a new blog (plus a baby) calls for a new introduction. Welcome to our life: Two Kids Farming. I, Kylee, am the writer of the three of us, for now anyway. My husband, Brandon, and I own and operate a beef farm in northern Wisconsin. We welcomed our firstborn, a little girl named Bea, this past fall.

I started the Two Kids Farming brand and blog a few years ago, about a year after my husband and I started dating. My purpose for documenting our life as a couple of twenty-something farm kids was to educate the general public, our friends, family, and new followers we met along the way, about what farm life really looked like. I decided the old imaging stopped with me. We weren’t sweeping dirt floors while our husbands milked the family cow before hooking up the horse-drawn plow for the day. I decided to rewrite the image of farming.

To keep a long story short, we grew, evolved, and my old blogging website morphed into a Facebook page. I ended up not writing for some time, not on my blog anyway. I let our old domain expire and kind of vanished on our old website.

In my efforts to document our life for our daughter, and to keep rewriting the image of farming, I found a way to put our blog on the website I already maintain. So, welcome! I’m so happy to have you here!

I’ve kept you reading long enough, so I’ll keep our introductions short. You’ll have plenty of time to learn about us in the coming posts I share.

I’m Kylee, the mystery first-person perspective that keeps adorning your screen. I grew up a farm kid, spending the majority of my childhood on my grandparents’ horse farm. I’d always had a passion for farm life, animals, and doing things the hard way, though my eighteen-year-old self would’ve told you there was no way I’d ever marry a farmer.

Cue Brandon, the farmer. Well when I say farmer, don’t picture a guy in overalls milking cows (though holsteins were definitely part of our growing pains). His 1099 says he’s a lineman, but his heart is in farming, especially the parts where he gets to work our cows and play with all of the big equipment like tractors and the skid steer.

As for Bea, she’s new to the herd. She was born a winter baby in the snowiest winter I can remember. Which has made it difficult to introduce her to our way of life, but she takes walks with us out to the barnyard when it’s sunny and the driveway is firm enough for the stroller to roll across. All of this is for her; the hard work, the sacrifices, and the parts that didn’t make a lot of sense not all too long ago.

I hope you continue to follow our journey through farming and stick around for the good times to come. My blog consists of farming stories, learning how to be a mom, a collection of recipes, and a sprinkle of Jesus. I've been told it's a pretty relatable place to be.

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